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With more than 1000 Aerial Images of Michigan Lakes available, you will be able to find a beautiful shot of the lake that you call your own. Every Lake is host to a thousand memories and you can keep those alive with our high clarity prints.

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Framing & Pricing

In addition to prints, we also offer custom framing and mounting options. A high quality frame will make an elegant wall piece for any interior space like, whether office or home. Please visit our Framing page for more details on mount options, frame styles and pricing.

Custom Photography

We also provide custom aerial photography to many businesses as well as individuals throughout the state. The custom work was just a small portion of our business initially. Now it comprises almost one third of our total sales each year. Michigan businesses are discovering the unique advantage aerial photography has to offer.

Aerial Graphics, of Lansing, Michigan is solely dedicated to the art of aerial photography. We have been photographing Michigan from the air for over 20+ years. We provide custom aerial photography services as well as a large database of Michigan lakes, islands, cities, bays, marinas, and many other sites.



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